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Corfu offers a large variety of shops. Down the cobbled streets and alleyways you can find everything from a small gift and souvenir shop to a boutique with exclusive Italian designer clothes. There are many interesting shops in between, but the best deal can be made on leather goods, jewellery, gold, silver and fur coats.

Corfu is famous for its ceramic work and there are plenty of opportunities to see just that on display in the shop windows throughout the island.
Probably the most unusual and the most fascinating is the amount of hand-woven carpets, tablecloths, napkins, skirts and blouses of lace and cotton which are available in Corfu town. Heavy white stitched sweaters, which are made on the Island, are also very popular among tourists.

Other typical Greek things to bring home could be the skewers for souvlaki, olive oil, kumquat liquor, and olives.

Here are some wonderful shops to visit:

The land of Corfu Natural Products


Ceramic Art Corfu

Happy Gift

ZEA Delicatessen

Krocan DeliCafe