All you need to know

Every Journey starts with a Download!


1- Consumers spend more time on applications than they do on the public internet

2- Application advertising allows you to target the right customer with greater accuracy

3- Ads in applications are more rewarding

4- Applications use Geolocation (maps) and through them suggest to the User the closest companies, services, locations. Now, wherever you are, they can find you exactly when you need them.

5- Applications have a low cost of participation compared to other, traditional ways of advertising and promoting businesses.

The success of GreekAPPs as apposed to other travel applications is our direct focus on individual islands rather than the entire country or larger regions. This allows for in-depth information on the area and it’s businesses, enabling users to manage their trip – whether in the planning stage or on-the-go, once they get here – as seamlessly and as knowledgeably as possible, and in the palm of their hand.


It is said that in today’s world, ‘every Journey begins with a Download’! CorfuAPP, the islands premier & successful travel application, is a resourceful tool as it free to download and enables users to book every aspect of their trip, learn a lot about the island and research things to do in the area once they arrive. ZakynthosAPP gives your business prominent exposure and offers users the opportunity to learn about your business, it’s physical location, contact you and make bookings and reservations.


Getting started with CorfuAPP is straightforward, but you may be wondering why you need this service.

As a member of CorfuAPP will:

* Increase your visibility online
* Enable customers to know about your business, it’s physical location, and to book your product or service either in the planning stage of their trip or once they arrive.


When prospective clients are looking for something particular they are generally ready to make the booking. Therefore it is imperative that your business appears with an accurate location and full information. This allows our application to provide an accurate search function for those seeking what you have to offer.
According to HubSpot, 50% of people who conduct a local search, for example ‘seafood restaurant near me” or “hotel with view” will read the information on those businesses carefully to make a booking. In addition, Google has revealed that ‘near me’ searches have increased by 150%.


SEO or ‘search engine optimisation’ is the process of boosting your website’s position in search results. Having a CorfuAPP membership is a main driver of local SEO success, helping clients to not only know your physical location but to discover your website too. Simply put, CorfuAPP will increase your website’s disability.


Your CorfuAPP account profile is where potential customers can discover relevant and important information on what your business offers. This includes your contact details, any specials you may offer, opening hours, your website address and in-depth information on what you offer.
It is important to update your information as needed through your CorfuAPP dashboard.
Your membership includes the option to post photos and videos of your business. You may upload numerous photos to make your listing as engaging as possible. Short videos can further increase engagement and make your business stand out.
According to Google, businesses with photos see 35% more clicks than those without.


Users can post reviews on CorfuAPP.
You can also publish all your reviews from other sites such as TripAdvisor.
Unbiased reviews by past clients give potential new customers valuable insight into your business.
Responding to each review is crucial as it helps you manage your reputation and encourages others to post reviews and demonstrates your commitment to good service.


You can add a booking service to your CorfuAPP account. This useful button allows you to increase bookings, appointments or reservations through immediate action.